Nadiya Farhadi

I am Nadia, a fashion designer and stylist, Born in 2002, in Iran.

  Since I was a child, I came to the understanding that what gave color and light to my world was art. I started my first art training in high school, in drama. My field of acting inspired me; it was where I realized that characters in any film or theater could be brought to life and enhanced with the help of their costume design. Gradually, clothing design and styling became the main concern of my life. Therefore, in addition to studying in fashion courses held by prestigious educational institutions, I also started private training with renowned professors, courses in clothing design, and specialized styling and branding.

With my perseverance, I was able to participate in two international events in Tehran and Dubai in one of which I won the first rank, and in the other, I won the second.

Building on the experience I have gained in recent years, I am now developing my career framework in the field of styling and clothing design in the UAE and Iran, and for this purpose, I have registered a brand under my name in Iran.

To me, clothing is more than just covering. Human clothing is the point where artistic creativity, aesthetic principles, and social dignity meet; a phenomenon that can influence and improve the personality, identity, and social position of people in society.


About Me


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