Tricks for personal capsule wardrobe arrangement

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important parts of a stylist helping you organize your clothes on a minimal budget is creating a capsule wardrobe. This closet should be formed according to your taste and needs, with a minimum budget and number of clothes. The capsule wardrobe can be formed based on the seasons, and you can have your own wardrobe for each season; at the end of the season, collect them and open the new capsule. Therefore, if you live in a climate with four seasons, you can have four separate capsule wardrobes for different seasons of the year, and if you live in places where most days of the year are cold or hot, most of the clothes in your wardrobe should be related to that season. For example, in the summer season or in tropical regions, you can collect your selected clothes, and by selecting and combining them with each other, you can achieve new and unique combinations.

Your job position and place of work have a great influence on your weekly style, which should be based on the fact that most of the clothes found in your closet are suitable for your work place where you commute. Your capsule wardrobe may even be for your workplace apart from your wardrobe for your leisure and everyday life.

Your style is the result of your personal preferences. Sometimes you can even combine a few of your favorite styles based on your interests. Sometimes the use of a clothing item or accessory may become a part of your character, so always have that item available; something like a hat, mini scarf or different accessories that can be full of variety for every style.

Important point: the main part of your closet should have items with neutral and complementary colors such as white, black, gray and colored grays (cream and light mustard) so that you can easily match them with some of your favorite color items. You can choose certain colors to emphasize certain items and have your own color palette. For example, wear completely in gray and choose only purple or green for your shirt, watch strap, and necklace.

If you are ready to start a capsule wardrobe, you must first make a list of the clothes you own. After making a list of your clothes, write down your needs and shop only according to your needs and budget.

Essential items in the capsule wardrobe shopping list:

In this list, you must have a suit (in black, gray and cream colors), a simple shirt (in black, white and cream colors), a pair of sports shoes (in black, white and cream colors), a pair of formal shoes (in black, gray and cream colors), a shirt (in black, gray, white and cream colors) and a t-shirt (in black, white and multi-colored and desired designs), so that you can achieve countless color combinations with them. These items are called capsule wardrobe essentials because due to their neutral colors, they interfere with your favorite combinations and only play the role of fillers.

Dedicate the early days of each season to changing your wardrobe and making a list of essential items to complete your wardrobe. Finally, don’t be afraid of change and by checking the condition of your capsule wardrobe, throw out the extra items and replace them with new and suitable items based on your budget. In this context, there is an interesting topic called “wardrobe organization” on this website, which you can read to organize your closet.

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