What are the characteristics of a fashion writer?

The previous articles discussed that a fashion designer can be a successful fashion writer if he has enough talent or motivation to write in the field of fashion and at the same time study, examine, and research in various fields of the fashion world. If you haven’t read it yet, refer to the article “Who is a fashion writer, journalist or fashion editor?”. But now this question arises: what moral, behavioral, and professional qualities are essential to success in this profession? Since a fashion designer is considered an art critic, it is essential for him to possess the complete framework of art criticism in order to present a principled and coded clothing review. It is because a fashion critic or fashion writer must be able to examine the overall dress, color, design, type of fabric, size of the dress, the environment in which the dress is presented, the music that is played during the presentation of the dress, the decorative decorations or fabric making, the sewing method, check the cleanliness of connections from a technical point of view, the design of accessories and many other things at the same time.

Nadiya Farhadi

Based on these explanations, a fashion designer should be able to think by surrounding colors like a painter, by surrounding body volume like a sculptor, imagine the space, like a set designer and interior decoration designer, and the environment in which models walk to check the trends, to have respect for the technical quality of the music that is being played, and also to take into account all the above-mentioned matters in order to be able to reach a proper review by comparing and matching their strengths and weaknesses.

            If we want to point out the useful skills and characteristics for a successful critic and writer, it is worth mentioning that he must possess the following characteristics: having proper knowledge and study, and extensive and sufficient information in line with his work, having good public and social relations, being pen fluent and understanding of the audience, creating positive and good feelings in conveying concepts, having a fair and just point of view in criticizing the works of designers and brand products, having a good relationship with written and visual media, having a suitable platform for publishing their content such as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, websites, etc., familiarity with design and aesthetic issues and the economics of art and the fashion market, the ability to manage projects, reporters, photographers, and the executive team, the ability to communicate with different spirits and talk and interact with people, especially in conducting interviews and polls and debates.

What pays off and gives credibility to the achievements of a fashion critic is that he writes his review without personal orientation. Also, it is reliable critics who can give valuable credit to a brand with a positive approach in their descriptions and comparisons and reflect this positive approach in the media.

So, from now on, whenever you read a fashion magazine, watch a program related to fashion on TV, or read a fundamental and noteworthy description and criticism in the field of fashion in cyberspace, be aware that behind this achievement, there are people who are engaged in the writing activity, who are responsible for the main content of that program; specialists who must carry out this challenging job committed, fair, with knowledge and science, and provide useful information in this regard to the audience and those interested in the world of design and fashion.

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