Where do stylists work?

Today, stylists are more powerful than ever working in various positions, due to the scope of their work, several categories have been created in this field and the range of their activities is developed day by day. This domain includes almost all artistic fields; from the world of clothes, which is the most well-known, to the world of music, which seems to be a completely different world. A stylist may be a project manager for a magazine cover and photo shoot, or be in charge of a designer’s new catwalk collection or clothing brand. He can be the artistic director of a music band for their concert tour, or be a costume designer consultant for a play, opera or film and television program, or be the sole consultant and stylist of a celebrity. In all these cases, he has more or less similar duties that he must perform carefully. In addition to having aesthetic skills, he must also carefully monitor the budget and schedule of the project. In fact, he is responsible for the success of the project in terms of its aesthetics, finances and overall appearance.


Among the different responsibilities of a stylist, perhaps six major job items can be mentioned, which of course are completely different from each other. Here are some of their capabilities and work tools and some major parts of their job positions are introduced:

1. Magazine Editorial Stylist: The stylist in this position is mainly responsible for working on the overall image of the fashion magazine. In fact, he is the one who works as the art director or the main consultant on the overall concept, photos and form, and appearance of printed or digital publications. Choosing clothes for the models during photo shoots for the magazine is one of his main duties in this field, so that the narrative that the magazine intends to express is expressed in the best possible way.

2. Commercial Fashion Stylist: This division of fashion stylists work on advertising campaigns. Among their main duties, choosing clothes and accessories for models, actors and other celebrities are worth mentioning. They may work with people as a freelancer or in collaboration with a fashion advertising agency.

3. Catwalk and fashion show designers: This division of stylists may collaborate with brands and catwalk venues with one or more specialties. In fact, they are the ones who direct the catwalk or fashion show. A brand may use one or more stylists in collaboration to show its collection. For example, one stylist is an expert in the field of shoes, and the other one advises in the field of clothes or directs the whole work.

4. E-commerce stylists: Such stylists help in the development of e-commerce. They may cooperate with brands in introducing their products. Also introduce seasonal collections or direct electronic magazines; or help and advise models and photographers in modeling photography.

5. Retail Store Stylists: Many clothing retailers strive to give their customers more satisfaction. Therefore, stylists are used to guiding customers in shopping. Such stylists are obliged to guide the customer in purchasing goods and clothes and to offer them the best color and combination of the season according to the physical fitness, budget and taste of the customers; therefore, they must have the ability of social communication and sales.

6. Celebrity Stylist: These stylists, who are more marketable today, usually work with one or more famous people such as actors, singers and musicians, politicians, etc. as stylists. In addition to having to offer them the appropriate clothes that match their worldview and character for special events, they also constantly manage their everyday and casual styles in life and on virtual networks. Others are also responsible for buying clothes for their customers.

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